PADEL HALL SYSTEM | safe. functional. aesthetic

PADEL The sport with the currently biggest growth worldwide!

  • The profiles as well as the tarpaulins are supplied in different colours and thicknesses depending on the country and local specifications.
  • The padel hall system allows year-round use without having to worry about the weather every day.
  • We provide the roofing of one or more padel courts in a simple and aesthetic way, without damaging the existing courts.
  • In addition, with the optional integrated lighting system, you can illuminate your padel courts whenever conditions require it.
  • The system avoids excessive heating of the court.
  • The tarpaulins are fire-retardant, antibacterial and UV-resistant and very weatherproof.
  • We offer our customers various options for closing the side walls, such as normal or printed tarpaulins, micro-perforated tarpaulins to prevent the wind from interrupting the game.
  • It is possible to deliver the profiles as well as the tarpaulins in different colours.


01 Maintenance-free and durable.

02 Provides shade in heat and strong sunlight.

03 Enables play on rainy and snowy days.

04 Prevents condensation on glass walls at night.

05 Reduces moisture on the court floor caused by morning dew and fog'.

06 Covered connection between padel courts (tennis / basketball courts) possible.

07 Various colour combinations.

08 Rigid, stable and durable materials. 5 years warranty.

09 Different roofing variants for padel, tennis, basketball, football, soccer, badmiton, universal & more.

10 Customised dimensions.

11 Adaptability!