The SPORT DOME hall system of TCS

Der SPORT DOME von IRMARFER | Ganzjahresbetrieb. modular. design.

Decide for our latest generation of sport facilities cover system - our IRMARFER SPORT DOME (tennis, football, basketball, universal, ... ) thus ensure a year-round operation of your sports fields.

This is made possible by the summer operation completely removable side and front side elements which creates an outdoor feeling and protects the game operation against bad weather.

The IRMARFER SPORT DOME can be designed for single or multiple playing surfaces.(Spans 18 - 40 m / length 36 - 200 m or individually buildable)


  • Available dimension 18 x 36m | 36 x 36m | 36 x 54m | ...
    * eaves height of 1 - 4m
    * ridge height of 10,7 - 16m
  • If necessary, the size of the structure can be adapted to the local conditions
  • Double roof membrane (standard)
  • Type of Membrane: opac white | transparent
  • The side panels (side | end faces | upper end faces can be isolated with sandwich panels 40-60mm.
  • Water discharge with downpipes


max. hanging loads

  • Between 150 and 300 kg / Point (depends on the Sport Dome siz


We deliver to your SPORT DOME the associated air-condition & heating technology.
Decide now for our all in One Solution:
SPORT DOME + the lastest heating technology (optionally with oil or gas)

  • SPORT DOME inkl. der neueste Heizungstechnik (wahlweise mit Öl oder Gas)