Why you should choose Öko Power from TCS?

The mobile heaters from TCS offer several advantages compared to the conventional oil heaters on the market. The devices are state of the art of the currently available technology. The heaters work extremely energy-saving. This means that considerably less energy is required in the form of heating oil, which results in considerable savings potential for the client in terms of heating oil costs and, in particular, less environmental pollution.

The heaters from TCS can also save up to 40% of heating costs compared to conventional heaters. The reason for this is a newly developed stainless steel combustion comb. These have an excellent calorific value efficiency (efficiency up to 97%).

The WDA system (heat difference compensation) is based on the principle of heat compression.

By means of convector fans, which generate an imperceptible overpressure with a patented control system and transport the heat into the occupied zone.

Fields of application

    Field of application in the event area

  • Tent heaters (individual tent structures up to tent landscapes)
  • Heating of event halls, event buildings, event locations)
  • Fresh air supply
  • Optimal air distribution
  • Individual solutions
  • Building Heating

    Scope of application in the industry

  • Heating of your halls (logistics centre / warehouses)
  • Fresh air supply
  • Special fans
  • Air Circulation
  • Hall cooling
  • Tent cooling

Field of application in the building industry or on building sites

  • New building heating during the construction phase
  • Construction period heating
  • Building drying
  • Cellar drainage
  • Process heat
  • Heating of scaffolding
  • Special orders