Public outdoor pool roofing system. Hall.

TCS - IRMARFER hall systems are modular and have various equipment options. Depending on the planned period of use, we offer hall constructions made of aluminum and / or steel, individually adapted to the local space conditions. Thanks to our unique heat reflection membrane we are able to build our halls with high energy efficiency. Our "insulation membrane" sets new standards in the field of roof insulation and meets the regulatory requirements for an excellent energy balance. Due to the manageability we offer here the possibility to use the structure at public outdoor swimming pools as a winter roof construction and offer the owners thereby a 12 months utilization time of their facilities.

The main features of the modular TCS Sporthall - pool roofing system

  • Modular sports hall structure made of aluminum or steel construction.
  • The sports halls can be individually adapted to the on-site conditions and space available.
  • Energy-efficient hall concept reduces operating costs
  • Fully insulated hall structures
  • Insulated side walls with sandwich panels U-value 0.5 W/m2K
  • Insulated roof with a heat-reflecting membrane U-value 0.5 W/m2K
  • Sports halls with recognition value - design & functionality
  • Energy efficient sports halls allow 12 months of operation of the outdoor sports facility / outdoor pools.
  • Change from winter to summer operation - the hall structure can be dismantled structurally with appropriate tools.
  • Hall lighting - LED lighting design for all sizes of sports halls, on request
  • Hall heating - performance calculation and conception of heating technology for all sports hall sizes, oil operation, gas operation as well as alternative energy with pellet heating, on request


The TCS sports halls are modular and can therefore be set up at almost any location.

A differentiation by the new sports hall design is given. The color of the sports halls exterior and interior surfaces (side walls and roof) can be produced on customer request in various RAL colors.

ADVANTAGES of the modular Sport hall systems.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY thanks to patented heat reflection membrane in the roof and isopanels on the facade. A DESIGN with recognition value. The MODULAR CONSTRUCTION - removal of the facade panels, these provide for energy-efficient winter operation and, when dismantled, for open-air feeling in summer operation. The possibility of subsequent extensions of the sports hall or individual adaptation to the local space conditions the DURABILITY or STANDING TIME of the hall structures due to high quality materials.