S-Modul | School classrooms, offices, laboratory

The modular & temporary RAUMSYSTEM for schools / offices / laboratories and more.

We offer solution-oriented temporary and provide the maximum usable space in the countryside but also in the always limited urban areas. Due to the flexible grid dimensions of the S-Module System - 2.5m x 2.5m | 5 x 5m | 7.5 x 7.5m, we are able to realize maximum usable space.

Due to the system construction we provide a fast assembly and disassembly.

With our system - architects are in the warehouse - quickly and effectively realize temporary space for schools, offices and public services.

Whether a cube or double to triple storey systems can be realized with the S-Modul system.

Facade system / room partitions:

  • Membranes - Standard: Opaque White - translucent or transparent
  • on request: div. colors & membrane branding
  • Membrane made of PVC high gloss material, according to DIN 4102 B1 (flame retardant, water repellent and UV resistant)
  • Sandwich panels 40-80mm in the lateral area - or real glass panels
  • trapezoidal sandwich panels 80 - 120mm in the roof area - color according to RAL palette
  • room partitions - facade system (glass, wood, acrylic)
  • front and perimeter parapet system - for branding / personalization, height of choice (1m or from floor to top of S-module system.


for every need we offer energy efficient air conditioning, heating technology. This is supplied with WDA (heat difference equalization), ventilation technology and remote maintenance.

For schools, we offer them separately an air purifier - designed to the respective size with.