Die WAVE STRUKTUR von IRMARFER | high performance. shape.

The Wave structure is unique in technology and design and stands out with impressive technical data in terms of ceiling height and suspension points at the roof. The Wave structure has been designed to meet the requirements of 40 - 75m span widths and will be used mostly in following areas:

  • Sport facilities (Soccer, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Universal, and more)
  • Trade fairs,
  • Music Festivals,
  • Major Events,
  • Constructions Industry.


  • The polygon structure can be extended alongside in a 5m grid
  • Ridge height: WAVE 45 = 15,8m | WAVE 55 = 18m | WAVE 75 = 22m
  • State-of-the-art technology & design
  • Optical attractive constructions form
  • Compatible with our adjustable flooring system


Maximum load of suspension points: (for Riggings)

  • WAVE 45m span: 300 kg / point- per arch approx. 1.500 kg
  • WAVE 55m span: 500 kg / point- per arch approx. 3.500 kg
  • WAVE 75m span: 500 kg / point- per arch approx. 3.500 kg


  • Standard: Opac white
  • on Request: white translucent | transparent | black | Membrane combination (white outside - black inside )
  • Sandwich plate elements 40-60mm
  • Real glass panels
  • Membrane made of high-gloss PCS material, according to DIN 4102 B1 (flame retardant, water-repellent and UV-resistant)