The Wave structure is unique in design & technology and impresses with it´s technical data in terms of ceiling height and suspension point loads in the roof. The Wave structure was designed to meet the requirements of high spans (standing free) from 40 to 70m and will be used for all kind of sports facilities, storage halls, trade fairs, major events and the construction industry.


  • hall system for all kind of sport types
  • Football hall system
  • Soccer hall system
  • Concert hall system
  • Universal sport facility / Sport hall (for school, university, e.g.)
  • Major Sport Events
  • fairs / congress
  • cover system for building construction
  • storage


  • this wave structure is extendable with 5m grids alongside.


  • WAVE 45 = 15,8m
  • WAVE 55 = 18m
  • WAVE 75 = 23.6m
  • Wave 85 = 25m
  • it combines state of the art technology and design
  • visually appealing design
  • compatible with our height adjustable flooring system
  • rental - during the winter season
  • purchase - for permanent use

For each sports solution we offer the appropriate & carefree mobile air-conditioning - heating & ventilation system.

  • Heating technology from 25 - 700 KW heating power per device
  • Air conditioning technology from 15 - 70 KW cooling capacity per unit
  • with WDA control for heat recovery & fresh air supply